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From Entryway to Open Bar.

As promised, more on the bar topic…

This weekend I was prepping for a small get together for my boyfriend’s birthday and needed to set up a bar area. It’s always a challenge in a tiny apartment to find a good spot with enough room for the foot traffic to flow in order to make sure everyone can easily access the cocktails! I converted my usual entryway table (an old sewing machine table from my mom) into the bar.


The tray that usually holds keys and mail instead corralled carafes and wine bottles.

IMG_0687I was just about done assembling the bar, and needed to find a place to hang a towel for opening a stubborn martini shaker. I had a stroke of genius and pulled out the side support arm on the sewing table that holds the expanded tabletop when it’s flipped open to expose the sewing machine. Usually this support arm is nothing but a nuisance. If you walk by the table with too much skip in your step, the old hinge lets loose and the arm pops out, usually sending me three feet in the air from the frightening noise. But, I’ve made amends with the support arm since it functioned beautifully as a towel bar during my party!


One response to “From Entryway to Open Bar.

  1. Jason August 3, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Pure genius! Anything that makes the cocktail experience more enjoyable is an A+ in my book!

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