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Fall Feet.

The weather is unpredictable in New England, and this week the forecast is ranging from the low 60s up into the 90s. But the first cool morning this week when I was walking to work, my mind immediately went to fall footwear — it’s almost boot season I thought. I have a few items on my wishlist for fall — including a sassy pair of leopard wedge heels, and some luggage leather boots. All of these kicks would be welcome additions to my closet. What’s on your fall footwear wishlist? Fall Shoes

Clockwise from top left: Hunter Wellies, Black Flats, Riding Boots, Suede Booties, Leopard Wedge Heels

3 responses to “Fall Feet.

  1. Alex Hubbard (@AlexHubbard) September 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Those booties are perfect. I love them! And those flats are so classic. Such good picks girl!

  2. Alexis September 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I have been meaning to invest in wellies and every year I either get distracted with something I want more or just plain get distracted. I had NO IDEA that they came in two tone. Now I’m glad i waited a bit so I can get those!

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